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It's 5:20 in the morning right now, and you're asleep - which is good, I really need my time doused the quiet darkness, sitting in front of a computer screen. It's how I've spent a good portion of my life so far, that security blanket, my "me" time, that handful of hours where I start clawing towards that thing called "clarity". Unfortunately it also doubles as that "asking yourself 5 billion questions" time, so it's spent having silent philosophical conversations (or how many moments of self-doubt and pity can we fit into the wee hours of the morning) while starring intently into the glowing box before you.

So, I guess I should start out by saying, it's probably a good thing that I've made a habit of occasionally scrolling through your skype conversations while you're sleeping. How else would I come to the conclusion that we are each other's badly-fitted bandages trying to cover the gaping wounds in our souls? We are two horribly depressed people, who tell each other everything .. as long as it has nothing to do with how shitty we feel inside.
We avidly avoid talking about our depression to one another like it's the most horrendously taboo thing to ever exist. We hide the most vulnerable, fucked up, ugly bits of ourselves, under the illusion that we've accepted the other's flaws, and are beautifully happy having someone who understands us in such an enrapturing way. We rot in silence, with happy, doped up expressions n' half-assed affections. We're so afraid of somehow winding up alone; losing this Novocaine-like effect, we're happier sitting in silence than actually communicating and expressing ourselves to the other. We have to find other outlets to feel appreciated, to voice our inner selves.. and that is .. really fucked up, on both our ends. We both do it. We're both so fucking ashamed to show each other our real, raw selves, we keep them boxed away.. when we're supposed to be closer than hydrogen x oxygen in H20.

It's effecting our level of intimacy (sure, we cuddle..).. We don't know why we love each other, because we're barely even capable of loving ourselves, let alone understanding how we manage it. (Not saying we don't love each other, we most certainly do).

So I guess this is step on of fixing our fuck-up before it's too late.

I love you. I appreciate you. I think you're a wonderful person. I wouldn't want to spend all my time with you, all the fucking time, if I didn't think you were absolutely fantastic. Sure, you've got the spirituality of an empty egg carton, but I've chosen to ignore that fact because I really enjoy a lot of your other qualities.. your openness towards deviant sexual things, good taste in games and some entertainment. I like the weirdness of your brain, even if your random thoughts are only funny half the time, I appreciate the times they ARE funny, and appreciate that you tell me these random things even when they aren't. I love that you're technologically savvy, it complements my complete lack of knowledge in that department. I'm glad that you're so patient with me.You keep me grounded so I don't get too damn loopy - something I really needed in my life, I'd probably be a sliver away from liver failure if I didn't have you.

You're gorgeous - I really wouldn't date you if I didn't think you were pretty.. I'm picky about faces. You've got a nice face. You have other nice things about you, too, but it's mostly your face.. and your butt, I love the way it fits so perfect when we spoon, and it looks fantastic in damn near any pair of pants you wear. Your penis is alright, too. Pretty eyes, magic hair that never actually needs conditioner. Nice, tiny hands. A chewable nose and wenis - your feet are extra chewable. I never had the desire to avidly chew on someone's feet before. Congrats, you've made me 5-10% weirder than I was before this relationship started.

Your flaws aren't too shabby. They're tolerable. I can work with them, at least I have been. I'm happy I found someone who has flaws that I can live with. I hope you feel the same about mine, for the most part.

I'm tired of feeling alone inside. I hope you are, too.

Lets stop hiding our shitty parts, and wade through the muck together.

I love you, Cricket. 
My muse is my stress,
and I stress:
I had the very best.

and thats why I refused to share.

regurgitated rat tar-tar

I was dreaming some really, really, really fucked up shit. Read at your own risk, you've been warned... that and it's backwards (because typing them out backwards helps you remember details...)

dreaming of little girls kept it cages “and everyone felt sorry for everyone but me" - slave girl bodies kept in a farm silo? or a water silo? no it was shorter than that, a long rusty ladder that could hide inside, worn with water.. some sort of slowly rotating thing.. more bodies dumped on the indent on the side of the building, perhaps a large open light-it-yourself crematorium - slow-pan to myself (now a man in current times) as a child, pasty white, eyes almost a-glow red and hiding among the bodies.

there was a whole kidnapping murder mystery around, but it was my brother who figured out it was me. was he even my brother? perhaps adopted. I killed everyone in the group but another young girl - now I had three. I ate raw rat guts and maybe some of the people I killed, and as I walked past her shuddering in the cage, I regurgitated/spat some into my hand and threw it at her face. EAT THIS and scurried away from her shocked-horrified-disgusted expression, nearly pressed to the back of her dog-cage’s bars.

delusional, most definitely. my daughter was a clove of garlic in a cupboard, and her suitor was something along the lines of a well made sock puppet with a good gullet. He was a good suitor though, and he tricked me, eating paper before slowly eating a bagel, tiny bite by bite, as to not explode his stomach. But then again, i’m thinking this sock-puppet was just a representation of myself in younger years, screaming at my father, or perhaps father-inlaw to be, when I was 10, that I wanted to be a man but he wouldn’t let me as much as I tried to grow up in his image. There were tears, and rage. Maybe I learned to kill from watching him. Maybe I stayed around the bodies to be like those who died - perhaps he gave them more attention and love before killing them than I, his child? Or maybe I wanted to be dead, just like those slave / servant girls.
i was dreaming i was stuck in this place that i used to be dragged to as a child. there was a large walkway doored off of the main place, like an auditorium, with three exits. I vividly remembered ("remembered" it wasn't a real memory) being made to sit out there as a kid.
...then I saw a margay (though iw was calling it something more like maraguay, and looked more like a clouded leopard in size and face) starring at me through the middle exit, very close to the glass. it slinked around i think it was storming outside, it seemed to want to be let it. I was entraced by this cat, we were making eye contact.. it...turned purple.. fucking purple. liek it's furry, it's whole body, changed like a freaking chameleon.

Then this guy had come out, like a custodian, and told me I needed to report it, there was a sign i didn't even see or something saying if you see a margay or other wild cat at the doors to inform security immediately because it's trying to enter the building.. so.. well, I went to go report it, but .. i figured out something wasn't right. They wanted to kill this maraguay and I'm not sure why.

I had four names of children on a yellow slip of paper with something else.. i think it had to do with a cover-up, maybe they were murdered or something and i am not exactly sure how i got ahold of this paper, or the information, but a guy who looked freakishly like a well-kept Tim Curry stole it off of me, while I was trying to see if any of the people in the back room / information desks had the nametag "Wilson"
... and I wound up stealing it back in a stairwell. This is when I started getting chased

I ran into Nicole in a hallway and I was practically out of breath like PUT. THIS. IN. YOUR. JACKET. POCKET. PUT IT IN YOUR POCKET. handing over the yellow paper. She looked at it and commented on the 4 kid's names (thats the only reason i remember what was on it), and then put it in her jacket pocket and zipped it up. (it was white with like bits of mint green.. not taht her jacket's details remember).

I'm not sure who was running with me, but, there was another girl.. can't remember where the fuck she came in. We both wound up on a stage that was being set up for some sort of play / skits, but with beads instead of curtains. I remember trying to stop the beads from moving so the security people chasing us wouldn't notice. James came out of nowhere and was apparently directing this play/skit, and was like.. well since you're here, you might as well act. I kinda said fuck that and tried to hide behind some chairs (it was sorta set up like a school cafeteria on the offscreen section) .. but eventually security came for me. A good 5 or 6 people. Some woman grabbed me - I bit her arm and took off running through the main stage and out through the beads where a huge crowd had formed and was walking. Whispering "Help me. Please help me" to a few of the guys near the emergency exit before I ran out..
..and thankfully they did help me, 2 or three rather buff guys grabbed security as they were chasing me - I kept booking it down the hall, this girl I don't remember who with me - we make it into this area that looks like a little place with elevators, a stairway leading up like a castle tower, and at least 3 different places to put like airline bags - two being directly in front of us on the same side as the tower stairs.
We knew we had to get on one of these convayer belts, but didn't know which one led to safety. I was assuming it was the one that had glowing letters instead of non.. but anyway.. this girl I didn't really notice until now but she was in a white dress, almost like a wedding dress but not as fancy, her face was whited out a bit and had some strange amedala-lookin lip design going on - kinda had a natalie portman looking face. I remember kissing her.. .. It was wonderful.. one of those kisses that doesn't have words. Time even slowed down within it.

and I woke up before we figured out which "exit" to take to get to safety.
I woke up in a apartment. Everyone from the haunt was there including Shadows and his assistant, Mistress Tala, all of the zombies (Martha, Ronda, Aldo, Meleek, Jenny, Buddy, Venassa, and me of course), all of the blood doll room, everyone in the kitchen (Tempest, Aurora, and Amanda), Joey from the closet monster room, The magician and his victim, All of the people from Freak Show (Bob, Chika, and Joe), all of the clowns, that guy on stilts, the chainsaw guy, and all of the management of course. (I’d like to point out that I only listed names if I knew them and if I did list names and one or two were missing from that room they didn’t appear in my dream. Everyone was in make-up.)

It was night, around seven or eight. It was just starting to get dark and there were some of the zombies (who lived with me in this dream) in our apartment getting ready for a dance, kind of like a homecoming but just people from the haunt were aloud to be present. Everyone had formal wear on and looked amazing except for the make-up which looked hideous like always. It appeared I was already dressed and ready to go. I got up and started talking to everyone, asking things like where’s the dance and who all is going.

Not long after we all go outside and leave in a vehicle with tremendously large tires and like 6 steps you have to take to get into it. It was absolutely massive big enough to fit 30 people comfortably. The outside of it was sleek and black it’s shape reminded me of a hearse. The inside had torn red velvet seating and dust and cobwebs on the chandeliers hanging from the ceilings which were seemingly too high. It was eerie but still very nice ignoring all of the planned filth and muck.

We arrive at a mansion, one that was decidedly scary. Everyone got a little jumpy when we arrived. Something in the air became heavy and uncomfortable. We were then inside, everyone mingling with their counterparts and drinking punch, which looked suspiciously like blood. It was an odd site with everyone in this terrifying make-up dressed up to their finest talking and drinking punch like nothing was strange. Chika was running around giving rides to everyone. (Note that she was twice her size and the lower half of her body was that of a werewolf.) I found this rather odd for some reason and watched her intently. She would run a few times around the room, which was big most likely the main hall and just like the hearse had chandeliers with cobwebs and filth and dusk everywhere, then stop put them down and go to the next person.

She then picked up a girl dressed in zombie make-up that I knew somehow but I don’t believe existed in the real world. Her name was Claire and she was getting her third ride on Chika. Unlike normal Chika ran around twice then disappeared behind a curtain when she apparently thought no one was watching and didn’t come back for almost an hour. Claire did not return with her and I couldn’t find her for the rest of the night. We then rode the hearse like vehicle home to our apartment after a night fully of scary fun and as soon as I walked in the door I knew something was wrong. I was subconsciously aware something bad is happening or about to happen. Even though nothing had changed in the house.

It was about midnight and we all went straight to bed not bothering to get changed or anything. About two hours later we all awake to the sound of a howl. Vanessa and I ran to the window, followed by the rest of the zombies to over look the mountain in the distance. Chika was standing there, on that mountain, fully monster howling at the full moon. Theres a loud bang from behind us, everyone flings around to see that something had fallen off of the shelf and when we look back Chika is no longer on that mountain. She was lunging down coming straight for our defenseless building.

(Note that everyone working at the haunt lived within the building but in separate rooms. You were placed in rooms with the people you work with in your room in the haunt.) We all start franticly running around trying to think of what to do and I then run to the hall to find that everyone else is also aware of our coming demise. The whole building is in shambles all scared for their lives not knowing where to go. Everyone stops to listen to the ripping and cracking of Chika breaking her way through the door that leads to the main hall. Everyone darts back to their rooms and begins the barricade their doors. (The zombies had the last apartment on the top floor)

Everyone hears the door downstairs give in. There was then cold dead silence, for one minute, then two, three. The silence is then broken by a sheer scream by that of the blood doll and her friends. We all realize now that Chika was going to kill every last one of us. There was the terrible sound of ripping popping and cracking as we listen to our friends get massacred. Then silence then same thing happens again, and again. She was going room by room getting us all. The zombies run frantic trying to find another way out.

In the kitchen theres a window which has a ladder down to the ground outside. All of us pushing and shoving one another to get out because we could hear her getting closer. Someone pushed too hard and buddy is pushed out and plummets to the ground outside. He doesn’t survive. Everyone then starts screaming and gets more frantic trying to get out. One by one everyone goes down me being last I let Vanessa go before me. When its time for me to go i hear a crashing and splintering noise, Chika has made it to our apartment.

I scramble on to the ladder nearly losing my grip to meet the same horrid death as Buddy. I make it 3 rungs down the ladder when i see Chika reach out and nearly grasp my hand but the window is too small. She desperately tries to get me, soon realizing what we’ve done she disappears from the window and we hear her barreling through the complex. We all start running away from the building toward the forest beneath the mountain. Martha trips pulling Ronda down with her. They scream at us to keep running and we do but I glance around to see Chika getting to them and start ripping them apart like they we made of some thing as soft and fragile as tissue paper.

I look forward to see the remaining zombies sprinting for dear life. Aldo, Meleek, Jenny, Vanessa and I the only remaining of a house full to the brim with helpless souls. Nearly sixty people to start with and now only five people left. Jenny suddenly shrieks in pain as you hear a sickly snapping noise. Nearly entering the forest she manages to stumble onto a bear trap nearly losing her leg she lays there screaming and yelping for help but no one stops all to fearful of the Chika running for us. Now in the forest we don’t dare look back. Then there was an ear splitting shriek that abruptly stops.

Vanessa and I separate from Aldo and Maleek as we all rip through the woods for our lives. We turn to our right as they go straight and neither of us think to stay together. I pull Vanessa back in the direction of the apartment thinking maybe we could lose her if we change direction. Going at full speed we make it back to the building and enter through the front and we slow almost to a stop looking over the carnage Chika has caused. Bodies shredded to unrecognizable pulps along with broken furniture and splintered wood everywhere. We make it up to the top floor both of us sobbing for our lost family.

We look to eachother Vanessa’s face contorts in anger and sadness as she runs to the door ans screams for her boyfriend remembering that he was in the first floor apartment. I let her go to be by herself to find and mourn her lost love. I then go into our apartment and search the carnage. Everything strewn about and broken claw marks on the walls and blood thrown randomly.

I go into the kitchen to find the fridge cracked open and a hand had fallen out. I run over and through the door open to find our missing friend Claire ripped and bloody. Half of her face gone and her body contorted and broken, every part of her bent and angled at places they shouldn't be. Fear wells up inside me as I turn to the window just in time to see Aldo and Meleek make it to the top of the mountain Chika right behind them. They pause and turn to her, everything seems to freeze in that moment, I stand there nearly holding my breath waiting to see what happens. She pauses to look at them, then lunges and takes them both.

I fall to the floor lost in my misery. Vanessa comes up now and sits by me hardly noticing our friend strew about in the fridge, probably too upset to notice or think. I tell her what had happened to our friends on the mountain. We sit there holding eachother and mourning with all of the energy we have left. The two of us almost wishing she had taken us too. Neither wanting to live without all of the people we have just lost. We stand and look to the window. Chika is gone, we see Martha, Ronda, and Jenny’s bodies on the ground outside. They seemed too still and I hold back a sob. Now trying to stay strong and thinking about what we are to do now.

A sad creepy song starts playing downstairs. Noticeably void of words. We turn around to see a little girl I’ve never seen before and before we can say or do anything she shrieks at us and her face and jaw open to impossible size and everything goes black. I say to myself before I lose all awareness “So this is what death feels like.”

"Well I am flattered. But I see you as a friend. I give you a lot of credit for coming out and saying what you are feeling. I'm sorry that I do not feel the same. I hope this doesn't change anything"

.... damn..
Imma take a moment to be honest with you, despite that it’s 2 am and I’ve had a little to drink. You’ve caught my eyes for a year now, and I’ve been too much of a chicken-shit to just flat out say it, and I’d of keep it to myself if I didn’t notice I got jealous when I’d see you touch another person’s hand, because i’d be flattered to be there, while anyone else would just question the opportunity. and the best approach is to just come out and say it instead of watching you look for something that i’d be happy to give. and it’s a kick in the gut just to say it straight out, well sort-of, not having you in my face is a.. good way, to just be flat-out and point blank, cuz I don’t want the whole world to know, or have john give me shit for it, but I’m tired of sitting on the idea of.. being that person, if you will. I’m tired of reffering to you as the girl I have a crush on, so crush me if you deem it so, but i’m so caught up in my rediculousness I can’t even give you a charm I tried to make for your back pain. You’re sweet and adorable and at the same time absolutely fucking intimidating for a crazy little fuck like me. I asked to pencil it in but quite frankly i’d rather make it in ink

I really don’t know if she’s ever taken noticed of how much I’m into her.

She’ll buy me energy drinks and things for my face, you see, and never asks for compensation, honestly, anything

My eyes have caught her standing there since the instant that she stood before me

smiling in the office

i knew

that she’d be just right.

she rides a bike just how i dreamed

when i was 5 and daydreaming

about how i’d get married to

“Bad to the Bone” by George Thorogood.

She’sseeking that reciprocal

affection, which i’ve longed to give;

I’ve wanted to so long but I’ve stalled steadfast in my affirmation.

Luring the Loon

I picture a man, grown sick of the monotony, the dull hum of electronics and crippling cable connection at his finger tips, he dreams of a sunset on a foreign beach with the smell of sea-salt, bare asses and a lack of defeat. He musters up the courage to say "You know what, fuck it" as he locks up the apartment door, light-weight suitcase in hand with gray-toed socks sticking out the side. Hustling down the stairs, he hails down a cab to the nearest bank, grabs his savings, quits his job and books a one-way flight to Sicily.
 He's somewhere between genius and loon, casting away everything he's ever known for the lure of the sea and the pull of the moon, where the sands starch white and the water runs clearer than 38 years of lonely tears warping his bedroom. It's a 2 hour drive to the nearest flight with a 6 hour delay that'll take all night, and that's quite alright, it's alright, because he's somewhere between genius and loon, casting away everything he's ever known, for the lure of the sea, and the pull of the moon, where the sand's starch white and the water runs clearer than 38 years of lonely tears warping his bedroom.

The illusion of time rewinds itself, stepping off the flight and into the light of an orange morning in a Hawaiian shirt. Allure of ancient histories in the air, between active volcanoes and criminals rampant in the town square - he doesn't care - all that matters is the lure of the sea and the pull of the moon, speaking broken Italian to a clerk to clock into a hotel room, where he'll change his socks and shake his cock after a long-held piss and a shower, too. A restless sleep follows till the afternoon, he gets dressed and resumes his quest to rest where the waves wash away a long 38 years of listlessness, fingering away at a wedding band too warped to loosen from his hand. He waves to the street and hails down another cab, wondering how long it'll take to spend every penny that he has. He wasn't born rich but always planed for a vacation where he wouldn't have to worry when it came to having ample cash at hand.

Kicking his shoes to the left, he steps on invisible pebbles towards a hammock, hammered between two cliffs, smoothed up the sides from wearing waters where the tides move. The sky neon pink as the sun starts to sink into a lucid painting, for which he needs a drink of a similar shade with a classy umbrella to mark the occasion of freedom and beautiful breezes.  The man relaxes, and draws in a quivering breath;  stifling a memory, for he's somewhere between genius and loon, casting away everything he's ever known for the lure of the sea and the pull of the moon, where the sands starch white and the water runs clearer than 38 years of lonely tears warping his bedroom. The water lulls him into a waking dream, dappling his eyes and quelling his fears, he listens, he listens intently to the song sweetly serenading him towards the horizon, a deeply hued sky, where a cry starts to haunt him, belittles him, makes him less of a man, without questioning why.

From the depths before him rises a siren, lacking a loud cry, rather, a full chest and set of alluring eyes. He man-handles his oculars in disbelief, wondering if he overdid it with the stiff drink. Bare feet slip into the sand, warmth still lingering after the blazing brand of summer's noon, he makes his way to the water's edge with an ache in his head and a burden eternally barraging his chest. He's somewhere between genius and loon, casting away everything he's ever known, for the lure of the sea, and the pull of the moon, where the sands starch white and the water runs clearer than the 38 years of lonely tears warping his bedroom, pondering why his beloved died beneath the pull of the waves, and the lure of the moon. He's manic, delusional, seeking his bride, the pride of his life who might have survived if only they hadn't fought that mid-summer night. He wades in the water, first his calves, thighs, trunks, to the chest, on his way to the rocks where the siren rests and beckons him, he's closing in, the tide is heavy and the air is thin, he's somewhere between the sea and the moon, casting away all that he's ever known, for the lure of a memory and will of a lune, forgetting he never learned to swim, floating face-up in a silent lagoon.

((I owe this beat for the inspiration: http://soundcloud.com/drekk-1/synth-lead-beat)
Story so far:

Obtained KFC the (male) Torchic.
First pokemon caught: Shimmy the (female) Wurmple, lvl 2
Shimmy slaughtered by wild zigzagoon at lvl 4, avenged by KFC.

Caught Zuko the (male) Zigzagoon, despite having a vendetta against them after the death of Shimmy.
Zuko proves himself ot be quite useful, finding much-needed items such as full heals, potions, rare candies and pokeballs.

Trying not to cry every time Zuko kills a wurmple.

Aquired Trouble the (male) Taillow, very fast learner, will be a valuable asset to my team.

Soon after, capture Scritch the (male) Slackoth. I am very concerned he is gong to get himself killed, being he's so lazy, he only moves every other turn. You would think this guy was a honey badger with how little fucks he gives.

defeat magma punk in the forest, get through there no problem, big pimpin' spending G. look at my swagger.

Make it to Rusterboro, skipped along the side routes a little early, caught Puggzly the (male) Wishmur, much to my dismay. I was hoping for a ninjask.

I have trained KFC up to level 16, to where he evolved, so I could fight through the first gym (Rock type) without getting myself slaughtered. My only other way I could have beaten this gym is if I traded my Slackoth for some girl's Makuhita. I couldn't bring myself to do it, even though Scritch is a lazy fuck.

Right after defeating the gym, I stole back something from a Team Magma grunt for a 2nd time, and was given a letter and a package to drop off - one of them to my next destination, Dewford Town. I am about to start on my way back to The guy with the boat's place.
I've decided to teach the HM:Cut to Zuko - replacing tackle - has the same accuracy, only a little stronger. Good trade-off for now.

I've set sail for Dewford, and walked into a large place full of people jabbering about something called "Pretty Plush Doll". I guess it's the new fad. I can't complain, I like plushies, too.

I've just caught a Magikarp (male, lvl 10). His name is Mr. Wiggles. He is.. very, very quiet. It's a bit unnerving. Sometimes I think he might already be dead.

Makuhita acquired, the first female I've caught since my dearly departed Shimmy. I have decided to name her Kirstie, after Kirstie Alley.

There is a problem. I do not have a pokemon capable of using flash. I'm not sure what to do..

.....A moment of silence for Scritch the Slakoth, taken out by Brawly's Makuhita. :( ....

I have sailed back to the woods to catch a Shroomish. I know this partially goes against the rules, but I had no pokemon I could teach flash.. and using the HM is required to get through the island cave. So.. here's Tripping the Shroomish, my current tm whore.

After a grueling time in the Cave, I made it to Steven and delivered the letter. Kirstie and Puggzly were lifesavers, getting through that cave.... but every time I look at Kirstie.. it hurts. As much as I complained about Scritch, I loved that lazy bastard.

Edit: Captured a Gulpin (female) after arriving in Sailport. I'm naming her Pudding. I have never trained a Gulpin before, so I am kindof excited about this catch.
Refreshing battles on the beach - I have high hopes for pudding.

Went to deliver the package to Captain Stern. and everything was going great until the fire nation attacked but then team magma burst through the door to steal the parts I traveled so damn far to deliver. I slapped those bitches around and sent them home to their mothers.

Lately I've been wandering around the outskirts of Saleport, battled a pair of twins, an angry fisherman, and now I am in the Trick House finding my way through. The Trick Master sure is a strange fellow.. how he didn't expect me to stop him hiding under his table, i will never know.
Solved the trick house mystery, it was easy. The REAL myster is, how does The Trick Master rocket himself from the floor and out through his ceiling.. ... and his house.. totally an optical illusion, looks much smaller from the outside.

Vigorously training; Puggzly evolved into a Loudred.

EDIT: Got a decent amount of sleep in a tree.
Training, just like last night, is intense. Zuko just evolved into a Linoone, I couldn't be more proud.

Ran into my neighbor... HE KILLED MY PUGGZLY. ...oddly enough... who was wearing... the same white, silk scarf that Scritch was wearing when he passed..
I'm going to fry up your fucking Marshtop, neighbor boy.

Yolo starts wearing Silk Scarf, in memory of her dearly departed pokemon.

I have captured a Marill (female). I've dubbed her, Mochi.
Holy crapballs, Mochi is growing fast. She's a real beast with defence curl x rollout. She evolved into an Azumarill before I even left the place I caught her!

Battled a family of pokemon trainers - they gave me a macho brace since I kicked their asses. I don't think I'm going to use it, though.. I don't like the idea of my pokemon being slow. If only Scritch was still alive.. he could use the macho brace..

((I've already used 2 out of my 3 hard resets. I have a feeling I won't be making it as far through this game as I'd like))

Trouble evolved into a Swellow. Training the bejeezus out of everyone before battling through the rest of the electric gym.

I aquired the Dynamo Badge from Wallace. Poor Pudding almost bit the dust - surviving with just a smidge of health left. Good job, team. Excellent work!

I've captured Humptyhump the (male) numel. He'll be chillin' in the PC for now.

Edit: Kirstie evolved into a Hariyama. Excellent..

Captured Bindi the (female) Torkal, and Chatman the (male) Machop.

Stayed the night with some sweet old lady. I can tell she's pretty damn lonely with how inviting she was to have me stay longer. I think I've heard ghost stories like this, now that I think about it...

Caught a Sandshrew. Named her Basket. ...she reminds me of a wicker basket..
((I technically cheated, and also caught a spinda... I couldn't help myself, I thought his face spots were too cute to pass up... if you don't know, Spindas have random spot patterns on their faces.. named him Cutie.))

I walked through a place that rains ashes. It's pretty cool looking, and fun to run around in the grass, but I could really use some goggles right about now. I like the lack sun around these parts, even if the surroundings makes me feel like I'm inhaling an ashtray.

Arrived at a town, ran through, caught a Swablu, named him Fluff, went back through the town, took a nap near a bridge, then went to play in the ashes again.

Pudding evolved into a Swalot... and I must admit, she is retarded cute for being the weird blob thing that she is.

Moseyed into a cave, where Team Magma and Team Aqua were exchanging words. Magma ran off with some red orb to make a volcano erupt, I went to follow, but was attacked by a Zubat, which I quickly caught. I decided to thoroughly explore the cave and beyond, found a few trainers on the other side, came back, leveled up, ran back to the volcano, wooped everyone's ass and then hopped my way down the side of the mountain to a town with a hot spring. After just a long freaking day, I decided to spend my evening in said hot spring. An old lady handed me a mysterious egg.. so I put Kirstie in the PC and decided to care for it.

Edit: This stupid bitch kept telling me I could hop back up the mountain on my bike, but for the life of me I couldn't figre out how. I gave up on doing that, and instead challenged Flannary or whatever her name is, the fire-type gym leader in this town. I crushed her with flying colors.
I happened to run into my neighbor, who gave me an awesome pair of steampunk goggles. I used them to mosey my way through the desert, where I was attacked by a Trappinch which I immediately caught. I also picked up a fossil that looks like a claw.. sadly, the fossil with the root fell through the sand before I could grab that one, too. I suppose this is what I get for not teaching anyone on my team how to dig.

Anyway, I decided to head back downt he Mauville and give this one bitch the Harbor Mail I forgot to give her, in exchange for a Coin Case. While I was down there, I hopped on the bike path and paid the trick master a visit. Damn, is he weird as ever, hiding behind potted plants and flying off into the ceiling like a rocket. The only hard part about his antics and mazes, is how he manages to launch himself like that...
My mystery egg hatched into a Wynaut, who I named Willie, and I spent the rest of the day training him until he evolved into a Wobuffet. I'm.. currently debating if I want him on my team or not.

Edit: I put Willie back into the PC and took Kirstie back. I then explored the other half of the deasert, ran through the same cave where I caught my torkal. I had to rush Zuko and Kirstie to the nice old lady's house to cure them of poisoning, being there were no pokecenters around for miles. Bless that old lady.

I'm a puppeh!

look! it's me as a wolfie! You can do the same here: http://wyndbain.deviantart.com/art/Wolf-Maker-179413339